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Property Market Evaluation

Providing a current market value for your home. Looking at all aspects including the individual details of your property, market conditions, and location.


I want you to be informed when it comes to the purchase or sale of your home. I will prepare the best deal, avoiding delays or costly mistakes. What are your options? How do they relate to you and your specific situation? You have enough on your plate without trying to decipher Real Estate jargon. I speak the language and will coach you through.


In addition to the exposure provided by MLS ™ I enjoy implementing social media strategy. If you cant beat them, join them! This increases exposure dramatically as it is advertised through Element Realty's social media pages and my own. Helping your listing reach as many potential buyers as possible.


First Impressions are everything! The unique service of home staging is included in commission and is the extra touch that gives buyers the visual needed for the best first impression of your home. Combine this with the right price and phenomenal market exposure, and you have the perfect combination for a successful home sale at the best price possible.

*At the discretion of the broker and based on availability

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